$23 Women Leather Backpack Ladies Fashion Shoulder Bag Large Travel Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Backpack,Large,Women,sibga.in,Shoulder,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Travel,/carnivorism3723650.html,Bag,$23,Leather,Fashion,Ladies Women Leather Backpack Ladies Fashion Travel Shoulder Large Bag gift Women Leather Backpack Ladies Fashion Travel Shoulder Large Bag gift Backpack,Large,Women,sibga.in,Shoulder,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Travel,/carnivorism3723650.html,Bag,$23,Leather,Fashion,Ladies $23 Women Leather Backpack Ladies Fashion Shoulder Bag Large Travel Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women

Women Animer and price revision Leather Backpack Ladies Fashion Travel Shoulder Large Bag gift

Women Leather Backpack Ladies Fashion Shoulder Bag Large Travel


Women Leather Backpack Ladies Fashion Shoulder Bag Large Travel

Product description


Question 1: Can i fit my laptop computer in this bag?

Answer: I can fit tablets in it depends on size of lap top, think you need to check measurements.12.5-inch laptop is enough.

Question 2: How heavy-duty is it? Can you carry really heavy items like prosecco bottles?

Answer: It's really heavy duty I use mine for work and I have alot of stuff in it including bottles and my lunch box mine has not failed.

Question 3: Are the shoulder straps padded?

Answer: PU leather shoulder straps, Only slightly padded, but quite comfortable.

Question 4: Can a DSLR camera, purse, keys, phone and documents fit in this?

Answer: I can fit, purse, phone and A4 Slim folder. It's large enough for day to day things. Hope that helps. I received mine a few days ago and now I carry it every day.

Women Leather Backpack Ladies Fashion Shoulder Bag Large Travel

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