zZZ Multifunctional Shoulder Outdoor 10W Backpack Solar Houston Mall Leisure 10W,$74,Leisure,sibga.in,Outdoor,Backpack,Solar,Baby Products , Travel Gear,zZZ,Multifunctional,/decanically3723890.html,Shoulder $74 zZZ Multifunctional Shoulder Outdoor Leisure Solar Backpack 10W Baby Products Travel Gear zZZ Multifunctional Shoulder Outdoor 10W Backpack Solar Houston Mall Leisure $74 zZZ Multifunctional Shoulder Outdoor Leisure Solar Backpack 10W Baby Products Travel Gear 10W,$74,Leisure,sibga.in,Outdoor,Backpack,Solar,Baby Products , Travel Gear,zZZ,Multifunctional,/decanically3723890.html,Shoulder

zZZ Multifunctional Shoulder Factory outlet Outdoor 10W Backpack Solar Houston Mall Leisure

zZZ Multifunctional Shoulder Outdoor Leisure Solar Backpack 10W


zZZ Multifunctional Shoulder Outdoor Leisure Solar Backpack 10W

Product description


Weight: 1.15KG
Capacity 40L
Material Canvas, size: 47 * 36 * 20CM
Solar panel: 22% high conversion efficiency; 10W, 6V;
Mobile power: 10000mah

zZZ Multifunctional Shoulder Outdoor Leisure Solar Backpack 10W

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