LIFENG specialty shop 1.5M Car 5D Carbon Fiber Rubber Hyu for Strip Fit Spoiler Carbon,Automotive , Replacement Parts,LIFENG,Fit,1.5M,Strip,Car,Hyu,Fiber,/mandrake3724017.html,,5D,Rubber,for,$32,Spoiler LIFENG specialty shop 1.5M Car 5D Carbon Fiber Rubber Hyu for Strip Fit Spoiler $32 LIFENG 1.5M Car 5D Carbon Fiber Spoiler Rubber Strip Fit for Hyu Automotive Replacement Parts Carbon,Automotive , Replacement Parts,LIFENG,Fit,1.5M,Strip,Car,Hyu,Fiber,/mandrake3724017.html,,5D,Rubber,for,$32,Spoiler $32 LIFENG 1.5M Car 5D Carbon Fiber Spoiler Rubber Strip Fit for Hyu Automotive Replacement Parts

LIFENG specialty shop 1.5M Car 5D 2021 spring and summer new Carbon Fiber Rubber Hyu for Strip Fit Spoiler

LIFENG 1.5M Car 5D Carbon Fiber Spoiler Rubber Strip Fit for Hyu


LIFENG 1.5M Car 5D Carbon Fiber Spoiler Rubber Strip Fit for Hyu

Product description

1.5M Car-Styling 5D Carbon Fiber Spoilers Styling DIY Refit Spoiler
High-quality carbon fiber clear and bright surface,Soft rubber material can be bent freely Adjustable curvature 3D carbon fiber rubber stereo effect strong Sport wind vision,Fit according to the model's curvature,Any bending, free cutting, matching finishing,Free fit, high degree of fit and easy installation,non-destructive installation, up to 100%.
In addition to the aesthetics of the mounting tail, the greater effect is to use the airflow to generate the downward pressure to make the tire grip the ground and improve the driving stability.
1. Lightweight,high performance.
2. Universal fits for most cars,trucks.
3.Mountable position, Car universal Front spoiler/roof wing, rear spoiler
4. The carbon fiber tail has two strong tapes on both sides of the back, which are firmly attached and waterproof.
5. Good flexibility, unique texture, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, distinctive fashion personality, free cutting, cutting the length suitable for the car, carbon fiber visual beauty, finishing plug, seamless docking,
6. One size fits all- can be cut to fit your different applications. product
1 x Car Rear Spoiler
1,Please keep the surface clean and dry, no sand/dust or put some adhesion promoter (Without)at it before installation.
2,Don't drive on the highway in 3 days after installtion
3.Do not touch water after pasting within 72 hours

LIFENG 1.5M Car 5D Carbon Fiber Spoiler Rubber Strip Fit for Hyu

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We are the architectural hardware specialists, and offer specialist advice and solutions for residential, trade and commercial applications. Our extensive range of door and window handles, knobs, levers, locks, knockers, bolts, hinges, control, and much more are sourced from the world’s leading brands.


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Residential Services

Let us transform your home with New Zealand’s largest range of residential door and window hardware.


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Work with the trade hardware specialists to make sure you are supplied with robust hardware.


Commercial Services

We specify, supply, install and maintain hardware for commercial projects.


Installation Services

We can take care of installation needs, whether a residential property or multi-story construction project.